Lead Wire For Sale

Pure Lead Wire or Alloy Lead Wire

Current Lead Bullet Wire Available

We currently have the extrusion dies to make lead wire in the following diameters:

.166, .185, .200, .222, .247, .264, .280, .312, .327, .365, .390, .430, .470 

Pure lead and 2% antimony are standard but other alloys can be extruded for larger volume orders.  Email for more information about available alloys or custom extrusion dies to be made.  Email:  sales@nielsenspecialtyammo.com

Ammunition Lead Wire

The lead wire extrusion machine is owned by Nielsen Specialty Ammo, Inc (NSA) in Labadie, Missouri.  Bullet wire for sale with pure lead or alloy.  NSA is an air gun ammunition manufacture with automated swage machines.  Extruder produces lead wire for NSA's air gun ammo company.

We can make continuous wire 

on spools or pallets

Our normal process is to extrude lead wire on pallets up to 1000 pounds of continuous wire. Our spools or customer supplied spools can also be used.

We can extrude onto a pallet and then wind onto spools from pallets if spooled wire is required or wind direct to a spool

Reduces stretching giving quality uniform lead wire to run smooth in your bullet making machines.

Lead Wire Pallet Uptake System
Spooled Lead Wire also Available

Get more Information

Email us to find out how we can help you with your lead wire needs.  Our main supply is for bullet production for high speed swage machines but let us know your needs or application.