lead wire For Sale

25 Pound Lead Wire Spools

We make our own billet from certified pure lead no recycled random sources.  We have various dies and can spool pure lead wire or coil onto a pallet.  Same price for any diameter per pound.  Weight is +/- .25 lb.

We stock most sizes but if out of stock please allow up to 10 days for us to make it.  We have the following dies: 
.166, .185, .200, .222, .247, .264, .280, .312, .327, .365, .390, .430, .470 
.365" and larger only available in 50 pound spools.

Shipping by USPS flat rate shipping anywhere in the USA including HI, AK, Guam and Puerto Rico.  Shipped by flat rate USPS with foam packed box.

Our wire is primarily used for our air gun company, Nielsen Specialty Ammo but our machine produces more wire than we can use.  https://nielsenspecialtyammo.com/

Current lead price $2.80 / lb plus shipping.

25 pound spools:
Cost is lead, $4 spool charge, $19 shipping 
(lead + $23)

50 pound spools:
Cost is lead, $4 spool charge, $25 shipping 
(lead + $29)

(Lead Wire Price below includes lead, spools and shipping)

We also do bulk commercial wire quoted by the ton.  Please email for details: sales@nielsenspecialtyammo.com

Wire Diameter | lbs
$93.00 - $169.00
(based on selected options)