Airgun Swage Lead

Airguns have opened a new market for extruded lead wire to make airgun ammunition at the hobbyist level.  Using pure lead alloy airgun shooters can now make their own lead airgun pellets and slugs.

Lead wire is cut into small cores generally slightly heavier than the finished projectile.  The core is placed into a die where it is pressed and formed into the desired shape.  While being pressed into shape the excess lead weight is expelled out of the die called the "bleed".

This swage process for making airgun ammunition makes for a tight tolerance of both weight and shape.  Our lead is available in pure lead to give the softest and easiest to press.

Airgun ammunition can made very inexpensively with swage kits available from companies like Corbin who has been making ammunition presses and dies for decades.  They can be a hand presses or hydraulic press using dies with the desired shape in the die.

New companies are emerging making these type of dies for the airgun market over the past few years as well.  Now you have a source for the lead wire to make your airgun pellets and slugs with pure lead wire at a great price per pound.

Airgun ammunition produced from Nielsen Specialty Ammo (NSA) can be replicated with these hobbyist tools.  Although NSA makes very cost competitive airgun ammo the cost per round can drop significant if the shooter is willing to put the initial investment and time to produce their own airgun ammunition.

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