Where to buy Lead Wire for Swaging Bullets?

You found it!  Hobbyist now have a source to purchase lead wire to swage bullets, slugs, pellets and fishing weights without breaking the bank.  We are a small business and offer pure lead wire in small quantities at rates the big players pay.

Leadwireforsale.com is owned by Nielsen Specialty Ammo in Labadie, MO and like our airgun ammo, we bring reasonable pricing to the little guy.

A major use of our pure lead wire is the hobbyist making airgun slugs, pellets and firearms bullets.  The lead wire is cut into cores and placed inside a swage die.  The core is forced into the die with a drive punch and the lead core forced into the shape of the die's cavity.

In many dies the weight of the bullet/pellet is controlled by using a lead core heavier than the finished projectile.  Once the cavity is filled the excess weight is expelled out the side of the die referred to as the "bleed".  For example a 200 grain projectile might use a 205 grain core and the 5 extra grains becomes the bleed.

By controlling the drive punch to stop at the same point every time it cycles you control the volume of the cavity. With volume controlled and a consistent alloy of pure lead and excess lead bleeding out on each cycle the weight control is extremely good.

For most hobbyist setups the pure lead wire is normally the best option for airguns.  It will give the best speeds out the barrel and most expansion at the low speeds of the gun.

Bullets may need a different alloy depending on it's use.  We can alloy different lead mixtures but we need a minimum purchase to make special blends.  2% antimony, 98/2 is something we have on hand and is possible for us to as well without a big minimum order but pure lead is our stocked alloy.